Pornstar celebrity lookalikes

Britney Spears and Teagan Presley

Britney Spears

Well known celebrity Britney Spears is one of the most famous singers of the last decade. Born on December 2, 1981, in Kentwood, Louisiana. Over the last few years,however she has become more about controversy than about her entertainment in the medias eyes.

It was iIn December 1998, Spears released the song that shot her to stardom, “…Baby One More Time.” Of course the video played a major part in the songs success ,showing britney at high school in gym gear and a school girl outfit showing off her body and dancing provocatavly for the world to see.

She was only 17 when she released this video and already had a major hit under her belt. Britney Spears went on to have eight number one hit singles. Spears also made a film called “Crossroads” which though she does appear with very little on proved to be a failure and Britney never went on to do another feature film.

Nowadays Britney is more about media controversy , much like micheal Jackson became when his music career went down the shitter. She holds the record by Riaa as being the 8th biggest female artisit in US history.

Teagan Presley

One of the most well known Britney Spears porn star look alikes is Teagan Presley. Teagan`s carreer started out like many porn star with stripping in clubs to make ends meet.

Teagans first porn movie was Just Over Eighteen 10, which she did to spite her boyfriend who wasnt helping to support them.

Presely has starred in over 70 Porn films and also starred on various tv shows including Howard Stern and Entourage.

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