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Maggie Q and Amia Moretti (aka Amia Miley)

Maggie Q

Maggie Q Lookalike

Maggie Q is becoming one of the most well known female action stars both in eastern and western film developments.Maggie was Born in Honolulu Hawaii , her parents were American and Vietnamese. She started out work as a fashion model and later in 1998 she got a spot on a chineses television program.

The Majority of her acting career has revolved around combat and she has a tendancy to pick assassin or special agent roles.

Maggie Q has had major roles in the following films:

Mission Impossible 3 : Plays one of the three main agents working with Tom cruise. She has a major part, does a lot of action sequences and theres a 10 minute scene with her in a red dress driving a lamborghini trying to seduce a target.

Balls of Fury: Plays main characters girlfriend Not only does Maggie Q have a major role, but it was the funniest film I saw that year. A must see if you like Maggie.

Die Hard 4: Plays the main henchman for the mastermind trying to kill Bruce willis. Not a major role ,but she does do some cool stuff and the fight she has with Bruce Willis is the best male versus female combat scene I`ve ever seen.

Naked Weapon : Maggie Q has the staring role and although this film has some budget looking moments it also has some very good ones. Overall the film is watchable ,but she does a rape scene which is definitle worth seeing.

Three Kingdoms: Maggie plays a general who has a major role in the film.

Other films Maggie Q has been in can be found here

Amia Moretti aka Amia Miley

AMia Morretti

Amea Moretti was born in Arizona on the 23 November , 1990 making her a Sagittarius. Amia`s parents are Italian and Hawaiian (hawaii is also where Maggie Q was born).

Amia has a very similar body and color to Maggie Q as you may be able to tell from the pictures. Amia Moretti has somewhere in the region of 50 porn movie releases and is extremely enthusiatic in all of them. Amia Miley also does just about everything and does it maybe more importantly with a smile and look that she really enjoys herself. In some cases maybe a little to much :) . This was a great Pornstar celebrity lookalike match as I have had the hots for Maggie Q ever since I saw her in Mission Impossible 3 (great movie btw, unlike John woo`s pile of crap Mission Impossible 2).

Look-alike Rating

star Maggie Q and Amia Moretti (aka Amia Miley)star Maggie Q and Amia Moretti (aka Amia Miley)star Maggie Q and Amia Moretti (aka Amia Miley)star Maggie Q and Amia Moretti (aka Amia Miley)star Maggie Q and Amia Moretti (aka Amia Miley) (5/5)

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