Pornstar celebrity lookalikes

scarlett johansson and Denisa

scarlett johansson

Scarlett I. Johansson was born in 1984 on November 22.The granddaughter of screenwriter and director scarlett Johansson is a well know movie actress and also singer though her musical work is overshadowed by her movie career. Her Father is from Denmark and mother from the USA. Her most notable film roles to date are in Lost in translation alongside Bill Murray, The girl with the pearl earring, the island alongside Ewan Mcgregor and The Other Boleyn Girl alongside Natalie Portman who is also listed on this site as haing a porn star look alike.She is also to play a superhero in the upcoming Ironman 2.

Denisa Brazdova

scarlett johansson porn star

Yet another pornstar lookalike from the Czech Republic.Denisa was born on September 29 1985 and is a is a Libra.

Aliases include Danae, Elis, Gina Lee, Gyna, Jasmin, Julie, Samueline de la Rosa, Denisa B, Denisa D.

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